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Tips to Deal With Procrastination




Procrastination is deadly, and it affects even the best of us. It commonly occurs because we tend to overestimate ourselves and underestimate how long it’ll take to accomplish tasks. Here are some tips on how to overcome procrastination.

How many of you procrastinate?

Tips to Deal With Procrastination

I read this and said to myself “eh I’ll read it later”


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"I'm Batman."
Batman (1989)
That guy also played The broker in Guardians of the Galaxy

not the best pic but whatevs


wipes my tears cause of chap 137

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Some of Sushio’s fabled prototype designs for Kill la Kill, straight from “The Art of KLK” book. Picture course of an /a/non who has kindly promised to eventually scan it and upload it to the usual sources. And yes, that is Satsuki with short hair.

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